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Tina is a Black non-binary creator raised and based in Baltimore. They are most inspired by Black people at the cookout and stories of generational healing. They seek to produce work where Black queer and trans joy thrives. They are an ensemble member and the Director of Artistic and Community Partnerships at Single Carrot Theatre. As well as a core creator for Submersive Productions. They are a lover of cats, candles, hot chips and find the most peace in bodies of water. 

Tina's work has been supported by the Maryland State Arts Council, Awesome Baltimore, the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation and featured in Baltimore Magazine and the Truth in this Art Podcast, a storytelling series that documents the vibrancy and development of arts and culture in Baltimore.


- Breathing Black @ Single Carrot Theatre December 2nd

- Assistant directing BLKS @ Single Carrot Theatre  (Winter 2023)


Breathing Black Awarded "Best Baltimore Film" @ Baltimore International Black Film Festival 
Breathing Black @ Indianapolis Black Documentary Film Festival